Yes, Yoga Is a Cardio Workout

To all the haters who say “yoga isn’t a cardio workout” or “I don’t burn enough calories at yoga,” we’ve got news for you. One of our favorite healthy living blogs, Well + Good, has just shared a study which states that if you practice a fast-paced flow, “it can be just as good for your heart […]

Teacher Spotlight: Zara Gardner

Where are you from originally? I grew up in South Dakota, but lived in Minneapolis Minnesota for years.     What brought you to LA? My husband was invited to join a studio in LA.  We had been wanting to move to California for so long.  We were so excited for the opportunity.   How did you […]

Teacher Spotlight: Layna Dakin

Where are you from originally? Boston   What brought you to LA? The weather, the beach, and a boy…   How did you get into yoga? My big brother took me to a Baptiste hot yoga class in Boston, I was totally hooked. I had no idea what a “full body workout” really meant until […]