The word “Yoga” in many modern definitions translates with the word or concept of “Union.”

Any health and wellness studio in a state like California, required to close for more than a year required landlords to be part of that “union”, to allow these studios to re-emerge on the other side of the pandemic.

Landlords understood that for studios like ours to reopen after paying rent, utilities, insurances, and some portion of wages, with no income to counterbalance that, that “union” had to work cooperatively. That has been our experience at all our other locations. That has been our industry’s experience nationally.

Our team, comprised of ownership, management, and instructors, looked forward to being your yoga studio as we collectively made our way to the other side of the pandemic. We spent the last year reviewing every nook and cranny of our operations, and had grand plans to re-emerge from the pandemic. However, that will not come to fruition, and we are heartbroken.

While enduring a year-long forced closure, we believe our Landlord here in Westlake Village (unlike our other locations) has been uncompromising, unreasonable, has refused to grant us rental concessions, restructure our lease, and even more unconscionable, has decided to enforce an enormous rent increase, all while we are still operating under very constricted mandates. These are terms that no local, national, or any other sort of health and wellness business could absorb and remain in business. We are baffled by their actions.

After facing this economic tsunami, we are heartbroken to announce Sweat Yoga in Westlake Village is no more. We have taught our last class at this location.

Closing the studio is not a decision we feel we had a say in based on our Landlord’s position. Their entrenchment made this a no-decision decision.

To our family on this side of town that supported our efforts and showered us with a generosity of spirit, we love you and will miss you. If you have purchased a package of classes after reopening a few weeks ago, we will issue a refund based on your purchase’s unused portion.

This email is the toughest we as a company have authored since the day, we opened our first location back in 2014, and we are sorry in every sort of way.

Please stay healthy and safe.

Please contact for any questions and allow us a few days to respond.

Sweat Yoga