Hi My Friends, its been long time, and an emotional roller coaster, but we are ready to give it a go.

This is how its going to work,

we re laid out the yoga rooms with clear marking to properly maintain space at well less than 50% of our capacity
You must pre book all classes for the time being no walk ins.
You must wear a mask when entering our front door, and keep that on till you are situated on your mat.
You must come to the studio at least 10 minutes prior to class starting
No showers for the time being, and please do not bring your pups for now (although we miss them!).
1.  You must sign a waiver upon entering the studio, we will have that available on line to bring with you on your first visit
2. Upon entering we will do a quick check of your temperature and give you a quick hand sanitizer spritz
3.  We are renting yogi toes, and sweat towels, but not mats, no exceptions.
4.  Come to the desk check in and please just make your way in to the studio and lay out your mat.  Masks can only be removed when on your mat, but no other time.
5.  If you need to use the bathroom during class, we are not allowing re entry if you leave, sooo visit the lue before class starts.
6.  Take class, hell yeah finally, and post Savasana please place your masks back on when exiting the yoga room.  Please get going so we can clear and clean for the next class.
We emptied our retail for the time being so really nothing to purchase, but we will have mats for sale.
We have to make sure you are following these guideline, we are a community and our strength is one based in respect, understanding, compassion, and its time to restart the process.

One other note, Infrared heaters and high heat kills bacteria and virus’s almost instantly.,  Our yoga room is immensely safe, its getting in and out that presents our largest concern.  So you know the drill, spacing masks on etc.

there are other deeper changes going on at the studios, you will see some of the messaging as we work our way through examining some of our core values and actions we will be taking to address some long needed changes in our society, and how we will incorporate that focus in to the family of sweat yoga studios.

much love…