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Teacher Spotlight: Zara Gardner

Where are you from originally? I grew up in South Dakota, but lived in Minneapolis Minnesota for years.     What brought you to LA? My husband was invited to join a studio in LA.  We had been wanting to move to California for so long.  We were so excited for the opportunity.   How did you […]

Teacher Spotlight: Layna Dakin

Where are you from originally? Boston   What brought you to LA? The weather, the beach, and a boy…   How did you get into yoga? My big brother took me to a Baptiste hot yoga class in Boston, I was totally hooked. I had no idea what a “full body workout” really meant until […]

Teacher Spotlight: Paige Rene

Where are you from originally? Phoenix, AZ What brought you to LA? The beach Duh! That and Yancy Schwartz =) How did you get into yoga? As every good yoga story starts, after hitting rock bottom. After being in and out of treatment center my teenage years and early 20’s for an eating disorder and prescription drug […]

It's Getting Hot(ter) In Here!

Have you been sweating more then usual? Don’t worry its not you, it’s our new infrared heating system that has been making things extra steamy. Infrared heat is different because it heats peoples bodies directly, not just the air around them. Because of this the room won’t feel that much hotter but you will sweat […]

Teacher Spotlight: Yancy Schwartz

Where are you from originally? NYC, born and raised What brought you to LA? Came to LA to runaway from winter and as a change of pace and scenery. What got you into yoga? Got into yoga to help me be a better skateboarder and a girl in my life at the time helped me […]

Teacher Spotlight: Ivorie Jenkins

Where are you from originally? Chi Town What brought you to LA? I was living and working in Vegas and ready for a change. The choice was either return to the grind in NYC or give the West Coast a try. A voice saying, “head West young (wo)man…head West” took over. I listened. What got […]

You Are What You Yoga

I saw an image recently of a big bowl of fresh fruits and vegetables, which had the following caption: You Are What You Eat So Don’t Be Fast, Cheap, Easy, or Fake Pretty wise advice that gets right to the point in a clever way, and it got me thinking: The same thing applies when […]

Find Time to Sweat Once a Day

We would love to share our gratitude to Armen of packyourmat.com for visiting our studio, and offeringhis sincere (and quite lovely) thoughts regarding his experience. Please take a moment to read his words, and enjoy a few images as well. http://packyourmat.com/2015/03/25/find-time-to-sweat-once-a-day/ “I really urge you to check out this gem (both Jacqueline and the studio) in […]

Five Myths of Alignment in Yoga

  Five Myths of Alignment in Yoga – by Jonny Kest We hear the term “alignment” all the time in yoga class, but what, exactly, does it mean?  Here are five misconceptions about alignment that still need straightening out. Merriam-Webster says that “to align” means ‘to place in a straight line or correct relative positions.’ […]

Patanjali Never Said Anything About Yoga Selfies

By Alexandria Crow I love Instagram. I adore the community and having the opportunity to interact with it. I follow photographers, fashionistas, videographers, designers, news outlets, artists, and of course, yogis. Their posts often inspire me creatively, make me laugh hysterically, and warm my heart. It’s the only social media that I really like. It was my dad […]