8 Keys to Take Your Yoga Teaching Beyond Standardized Alignment Cues

Standards are nice—they make it much easier to learn how to guide students into the large number of poses taught in yoga classes, but unfortunately students are not standardized. Bernie Clark Jun 29, 2017 Modern yoga teacher training programs offer many standardized cues for each posture learned. Standards are nice—they make it much easier to […]

Yes, Yoga Is a Cardio Workout

To all the haters who say “yoga isn’t a cardio workout” or “I don’t burn enough calories at yoga,” we’ve got news for you. One of our favorite healthy living blogs, Well + Good, has just shared a study which states that if you practice a fast-paced flow, “it can be just as good for your heart […]

Teacher Spotlight: Zara Gardner

Where are you from originally? I grew up in South Dakota, but lived in Minneapolis Minnesota for years.     What brought you to LA? My husband was invited to join a studio in LA.  We had been wanting to move to California for so long.  We were so excited for the opportunity.   How did you […]