Teacher Spotlight: Yancy Schwartz

Where are you from originally? NYC, born and raised What brought you to LA? Came to LA to runaway from winter and as a change of pace and scenery. What got you into yoga? Got into yoga to help me be a better skateboarder and a girl in my life at the time helped me […]

Teacher Spotlight: Ivorie Jenkins

Where are you from originally? Chi Town What brought you to LA? I was living and working in Vegas and ready for a change. The choice was either return to the grind in NYC or give the West Coast a try. A voice saying, “head West young (wo)man…head West” took over. I listened. What got […]

You Are What You Yoga

I saw an image recently of a big bowl of fresh fruits and vegetables, which had the following caption: You Are What You Eat So Don’t Be Fast, Cheap, Easy, or Fake Pretty wise advice that gets right to the point in a clever way, and it got me thinking: The same thing applies when […]