Get ready to work in our signature 60 minute sweat-flow class. First, connect to the breath in a warm up. Then move through three vinyasa-based flows, each with time that allows you to flow on your own, all while grooving to great tunes. Creativity is welcome as you come into your body and move in ways that feel right! Class winds down with floor work, followed by a sweet savasana.


sweat-chizle is a 60 minute class similar to our signature sweat-flow class in format – but focused on strength training! The long holds section is a bit longer and integrates light hand weights. Grab your weights (canned food, bottles of wine…), or choose to forgo the weights completely. You’ll still move on your own for a bit and have the same cool down as our flow class.


sweat-50 is a 50 minute version of our signature sweat-flow class.

candlelight yin

Yin, like no other: a bit of movement followed by long holds. You’ll have plenty of space to space out; a truly meditative gift for your body. Light some candles, sync up the great tunes, and get your stretch on.\


Our flow class taken back a step, with more instruction and technique. This class is perfect for students who occasionally want alignment tips, as well as the beginner who might be a bit intimidated by the usual sweat-flow class. It’s still the same format, but really it’s a no-sweat, sweat class.


A moving, but grounded trip. We hold postures a bit longer, sequences are a bit simpler, and our floor section is bit extended.

half n half

A true yang and yin practice; sweat flow for 30 minutes, followed by grounded long holds and stretching.