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One word to describe your classes: Bittersweet
Favorite Asana: Pigeon pose
Guilty Pleasure: All gummy candy
Favorite Music Artist: Ugh so many!
Favorite Song: The answer to this changes daily… for now, Bambi by Jidenna
Favorite Food: Strawberries with Nutella
Favorite Word: Supercilious (It was a bonus word on my grade 2 spelling test… I don’t like what it means, but it’s fun to say!)
What makes you crazy: slow walkers
First Celebrity Crush: Hey Girl, it’s obviously Ryan Gosling
Favorite Quote: “Anyone who terrifies you is 65% water & everyone you love is made of stardust. And I know sometimes you can’t breathe deeply, and the night sky is no home, and you’ve cried yourself to sleep enough times that you’re down to your last 2%. But nothing is infinite. Not even loss. And one day, you will find yourself again” – Finn Butler
One word to describe your students post sweat class vibe: Delicious