What is hot yoga?

Simply put, hot yoga is yoga practiced in a heated room. Practicing yoga in the heat is becoming more and more popular. Sweat’s fun, music-driven, creative vinyasa style classes offer the lineage of a traditional “flow” yoga class with the health benefits of a heated room, while also providing a cleanse for your body. We closely monitor the room’s comfort level and adjust the temperature accordingly, always cooling the room down towards the end of class. Sweat’s classes, while warm, are a hell of a lot of fun, and surprisingly comfortable. We are not a Bikram studio – ’nuff said.

How is Sweat different from other forms of hot yoga?

1.) Numero Uno
We are way the hell more fun, free spirited, cleaner, cooler, and cause more uncontrollable smiling. ????
2.) For your body
Sweat builds upper and lower body strength, balance, flexibility and cardiovascular health. We are a vinyasa based studio, so be prepared to have a bounce in your step and a radiant, glowing complexion after class. You will feel energized, rejuvenated and cleansed.
3.) For your brain
The stress reduction associated with yoga helps to calm and balance the nervous system, increase blood flow to the brain, and will also help you remember where you parked your car. We also teach and lead a flow and allow our students to move through it on their own for a few minutes each class, its not just physical, it’s a mental challenge too.
4.) For YOU
The heat is a form of cardiovascular conditioning and detoxification, increasing blood flow to vital organs and eliminating toxins. All of these benefits combined with the connection in out you of breath and movement create the calm you need to improve your life.
What if my toes seem to be located in another hemisphere?
Then you have a great reason to come to Sweat! Flexibility, especially in the heat, will come with time. Let’s face it, some of the flexibility thing is based on DNA. Sweat’s classes are not flexibility competitions. Sweat is a place where you can be comfortable in your own skin, and we will show you how to modify postures to get on the path. But the flexibility will come.
Is Sweat yoga a cardiovascular workout?

Heck yeah! We emphasize connecting with your breath, which allows you to go deeper in the postures. Your heart rate will go up! With some common sense exercised out of the yoga room, many people have experienced weight loss, along with increased muscle tone and strength.

Will I lose weight?

Only if you show up. An hour in our Sweat Flow class is the equivalent sweat as a 6 mile run!

What should I wear?

As little as you are comfortable in. It’s hot, it’s sweaty. With today’s wicking athletic wear, lightweight clothes, even if layered, work best. This stuff is breathable, absorbs sweat and is quick to dry. We feature a great selection in our retail section. While this clothing is quick drying and your sweat is probably fresher than newly fallen snow, please wash between wearing. Your fellow Sweaters will thank you!

What should I bring?

That’s up to you. Sweat strives to make coming to a yoga class incredibly easy. We can wash and store your personal mat and provide you with fresh towels and a towel for your mat. If you prefer to bring your own stuff and save a few bucks in the process, then bring: a yoga mat and 2 towels – one for you and one for your mat. WATER – You can bring your own water, if it’s in a single-use plastic container. We can make sure its properly recycled after class. We also have a water dispenser with clean water and paper cups. Sweat and Mother Nature thank you in advance.

How often should I practice?

For life changing results, five or more classes a week is recommended. A two to three class per week practice, if consistent, will create positive changes in most people’s lives.

When should I sign up for a class?

It’s best to sign up online, which will save your spot until 10 minutes before class. If you don’t show up and we are able to sell your spot to someone else, you won’t be charged for the class.

Do I absolutely have to book in advance?

We recommend signing up online if you can, but a portion of all classes will be dedicated to drop-in students.

Do classes ever fill up?

Sweat classes rock and are fun, so yes, they will fill up! The busiest classes are the early morning classes (around 6:30 am) and most evening classes, after the 9-5ers get off work.

Can beginners attend?

Yes! Sweat offers a supportive environment in which all levels and abilities can practice yoga. We encourage beginners to pace themselves in class and hope they can commit to 3 – 4 classes per week for the first month. This will build a solid physical base and the time necessary to experience the benefits of a committed yoga practice.

When should I avoid doing hot yoga?

If your health care professional has advised you to avoid cardiovascular activity, you have extremely low blood pressure, or you’ve just indulged in a two martini prime rib lunch, it’s best to avoid practicing hot yoga. It’s really best to stop eating a few hours before class, but we recommend that you stay well hydrated before and after class. We also encourage women in their first trimester of pregnancy to consult with their midwife or OB if they’re new to practicing hot yoga. Let your teacher know that you’re expecting – certain postures (such as twists) are not recommended for pregnant women. If you are really concerned about the heat, as much as we tried to get the room evenly heated, there’s probably a cooler spot to be had – please ask us and we’ll point it out. Please make sure to share any health issues or injuries with your teacher prior to class.

Where do I park

There are metered parking spots in front of the studio on Arizona but we recommend parking at the Santa Monica Public Library. Their underground parking lot is right around the corner from us (on 7th btwn Santa Monica & Arizona) and its just $1 for 90 minutes! In NY, hey nobody parks!!

What about the personal care products that Sweat uses in the locker rooms?
A great deal of thought, research and experimentation went into the selection of personal care products.

All of our products:

Are Organic
Are Formulated with Botanicals
Contain NO GMOs
Contain NO Sulfates
Our manufacturers do NOT test on animals!