Bring a little love in to your Vinyasa practice. Our Roots workshop will break down many of the postures you see in a sweat class and explain the components of these classic yoga poses.

We’ll share with you how breath in yoga is something more than teachers remind you to pay attention to. Breath and movement when properly connected really do create a moving meditation and you will understand how that adds to your practice.

It’s a great class for a new practioner, but also an opportunity to return to the alignment fundamentals of these ancient postures for students that attend class after class and rarely give any thought to what really makes up the practice.

sweat can be an intimidating place for the less experienced student and our Roots workshop is a gateway to learning the posture’s alignment components, what part of your body the posture relates to, and even things as basic as the postures names both in Sanskrit and modern English.

sweat’s teaching of the roots class still embraces our studio philosophy that pure alignment, perfect alignment, is a myth, as our bodies, our ages and flexibility all differ. But even with that said, understanding the postures will only further your practice on many fronts.

Our workshop is open to anyone wishing to learn a bit or take their practice just a bit deeper, regardless of level of experience. And did we say its free?

Scheduled once a month each workshop will be led by one of the studios experienced teachers.