We could not be prouder to offer and introduce sweat180, a 35-day opportunity for you to transform your life.

What are the roadblocks that impede your path to living the fullest and happiest life that’s available to you? Old habits, seemingly insurmountable immovable obstacles, what is it that’s keeping you from leading a fuller more satisfying existence, hell we owe that to ourselves and the people in our lives.

The program is really broken down in to 3 distinct areas.

1.) The physical, getting your back end in to the yoga room on a regular basis.

2.) Mindfulness, meditation, journaling self-inquiry, and last.

3.) Nutrition, what part of your being can be improved with a more balanced approach to diet, and the tools to implement these changes.

Much of the work will be done through a daily meditation and yoga practice, your own journaling process, as well as weekly, take-home self-inquiry assignments. This work will include an emphasis on self-study. Why do you have the habits you have? How do you numb yourself? What and who are your triggers? What are your self-limiting beliefs and where did they come from? We will work at reducing these limitations and getting you to feel unlimited wherever you stand. The goal however is not to make you perfect just to get you present; present to who you are and the gifts you have to offer.

The Down and Dirty

Five group meetings on Sundays starting October 1, 2017.
A customized journal for each participant.
An intake session with our nutritionist, Tara Curran.
Two 20 minute private sessions with the leaders during the 5 weeks.
Unlimited email contact (Using common sense) with the 3 program leaders.
One free month of yoga at sweat.

Cost for the 35 days; $385

We have done many things that I am pretty proud of, with sweat. Being a yoga studio that doesn’t take itself too seriously, I often have to convince people that we still are the essence of a physical –spiritual-mindful experience. sweat180, is the culmination (at least to this point) of that effort, I could not be happier to present it you.

The program runs from October 1 to November 4th, 2017.

We can accept 35 students, no more, so sign up sooner than later, it’ll be the investment of a lifetime.

with love,
tommy schey

Please contact 180@sweat-yoga.com for questions or to register.

Ivorie Jenkins  is a graduate of Northwestern University and a professional dancer with over 18 years of training and professional experience to contribute to your instruction. She spent the last several years of her dance career performing with the world-renowned Cirque du Soleil. She is a 500-hour Yoga Alliance Certified instructor trained and certified by Annie Carpenter and Noah Mazé, two of the most influential Yoga teacher trainers in the country.

Most importantly when it comes to sweat 180, Ivorie is a Yoga Therapist enrolled in the final two years of the LMU Yoga Therapy program.

Her most recent travels found her in India – the motherland of Yoga- for 3 months of what she likes to call “Soul Travel!” She explored over 15 cities, ate with locals, studied Yoga with gurus, was a volunteer teacher and meditated in silence for 10 days just to name a few activities. This immersion enhanced both her teaching and personal practice to understand Yoga as more than just physical exercise.

Ivorie will guide you on the journey of breaking down boundaries you may have created along life’s way that keep you from living your best life. You will get clear on your goals, strengths and challenges.