Where are you from originally? Boston
What brought you to LA? The weather, the beach, and a boy…
How did you get into yoga? My big brother took me to a Baptiste hot yoga class in Boston, I was totally hooked. I had no idea what a “full body workout” really meant until that day.
How long have you been practicing yoga? 16 years
What is your favorite thing about yoga? Mindfulness. Whether I’m meditating, breathing, moving, or reading the sutras; yoga has the quality to connect you.
How did you decide you wanted to teach? I had already been teaching step aerobics and kickboxing when I found yoga, so it was a natural progression.
Where did you do your teacher training? My two most influential trainings were Baron Baptiste (300hr) and Annie Carpenter (300hr), however I am continuously taking more each year. I find it pivotal to stay motivated and inspired to take at the very least a workshop every year.
How long have you been teaching? Fitness 17 years, yoga 14 years
If you weren’t a yoga instructor what would you be? A psychologist or kinesiologist.
Do you do  any other forms of exercise? Of course!!!!! Bodies crave change and new experiences. You know what they say, “too much of anything.” I life weights, jog, run the stairs, bike, swim, hike, and pole dance. I try to for at least one random thing a week.
Do you have any other healthy habits or tips that you want to share? Well, it’s not rocket science. How you look and feel is 80% diet. Eating well is mandatory. Also, having a positive outlook on life changes everything. I know its such a yogi statement. Be willing to practice acceptance and non attachment with every experience. It’s no good to hold on to past resentments, traumas and stories. Practicing yoga is a great way to begin releasing.
What do you like most about teaching at sweat? The freedom to let the students discover their own way. It can be a challenge to let your students leave the proverbial “nest” as teacher we feel responsible for every little movement and want to micro manage and hold their hand through every step of the way. I can’t tell you hoe much of a great practice it is to trust that they know beat and can figure it out.
What is one thing you can’t leave home without? Chapstick
What book are you currently reading? Harry Potter for like the 50th time.. it never gets old.
What is a quote you live by? “You live your truth by sharing it” -Baptiste
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