What is hot yoga?

Simply put, hot yoga is yoga practiced in a heated room. Studies have found that, in addition to an increased rate of perspiration, practicing in the heat can increase blood plasma volume (which leads to better cardiovascular fitness), reduce overall core temperature, reduce blood lactate, and increase skeletal muscle force. In short, hot yoga makes you super healthy!

How is Sweat different from other forms of hot yoga?

1.) We’re fun! And we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Our studios encourage you to be you, not some ideal of what a yogi looks like or thinks.
2.) Our classes build full body strength, balance, flexibility and cardiovascular health. We have a modern take on vinyasa, so be prepared to move!
3.) We closely monitor the room’s comfort level and adjust the temperature accordingly, always cooling the room down when needed. The heat isn’t there to overwhelm you, but to open up your body a bit and well…make you sweat!
4.) We teach and lead sequences and then allow our students to move on their own for a few minutes each class. You won’t just work out your body, but also work out your brain! By focusing on what comes next, you drop that forever crowded mind to focus on your body and your breath.
5.) Your time at Sweat is for you. While we give some assists as needed, our teachers give you space to feel your own body in your own way. We won’t spend ten minutes talking you through the intricacies of a Warrior II. You get to be your own guru at Sweat.
6.) We are not a Bikram studio – ’nuff said

What if I can’t touch my toes?

Then you have a great reason to come to Sweat! Flexibility, especially in the heat, will come with time. Let’s face it, most of our flexibility is based on your DNA. Sweat is a place where you can be comfortable in your own skin: we’ll always give you modifications to find what works for your body.

Is Sweat Yoga a cardiovascular workout?

Heck yeah! We move a whole lot at Sweat. Your heart will be pumping!

What should I wear?

What you’re comfortable in, but it does get steamy in there. All the wicking stuff is good, but leggings, shorts, tanks, sports bras, all that stuff. You’ll probably want to avoid heavy cotton.

What should I bring?

Sweat strives to make coming to a yoga class incredibly easy. We can wash and store your personal mat and provide you with all the towels you’d ever need for a small fee. If you prefer to bring your own stuff and save a few bucks in the process, then bring: a yoga mat and 2 towels – one for you and one for your mat. Water is also recommended- we have a water dispenser or have bottles (along with some other hydrating beverages) for purchase.

When should I sign up for a class?

It’s best to sign up online in advance when you are able to. Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to class, especially in peak times (the early AM, after work, or weekend mornings). We unfortunately have to give your spot away if you aren’t checked in 5 minutes prior to class.

Do classes ever fill up?

They do! We try to reserve spots for our members, but it’s always best to sign up in advance.

Can beginners attend?

Yes! Sweat offers a supportive environment in which all levels and abilities can practice yoga. We encourage beginners to pace themselves in class and hope they can commit to 3 – 4 classes per week for the first month. This will build a solid physical base and the time necessary to experience the benefits of a committed yoga practice. Our Slow Burn class and Roots Workshops are also a great way to start at a slower pace.

When should I avoid doing hot yoga?

If your health care professional has advised you to avoid cardiovascular activity, you have extremely low blood pressure, or you’ve just indulged in a two martini prime rib lunch, it’s best to avoid practicing hot yoga. It’s really best to stop eating a few hours before class too, and we recommend that you stay well hydrated before and after class. Women in their first trimester of pregnancy should consult with a doctor regarding practicing in the heat. Please make sure to share any health issues or injuries with your teacher prior to class.

Where do I park in LA?

There are metered parking spots in front of the studio on Arizona but we recommend parking at the Santa Monica Public Library. Their underground parking lot is right around the corner from us (on 7th btwn Santa Monica & Arizona) and its just $1 for 90 minutes! In NY, hey nobody parks!!

Do you have showers?

Yes! And all the products you need to get ready, which are all organic and cruelty-free.


plan ahead

Please get to class at least 5 minutes early to get acclimated to the heat & get settled in.  Our classes are often full, so get in early and hang out in the room till class starts.

it’s hot

The class will be fun, the music popping and we are heated.  Please bring a towel with you into class, preferably a yoga mat sized one to keep you from slipping on your mat.


We will provide a clean studio, filtered air, etc.  There’s nothing worse than a 2nd go around of hot, sweaty clothes, particularly in a hot yoga room, nuff said.  Oh, and that perfume thing, please refrain – we’ll provide the freshness.


If there is a wait-list we will release reserved spots 5 minutes prior to the start of class.  If you are running tight, call us. If the class is 80% full, we will not allow entry to a class 5 minutes after it starts – no exceptions.

cell phones

Verboten, prohibited, not acceptable.  Not in the yoga room. However, if you have a rare possible emergency situation, i.e. a sick child or some other scenario, just tell the teacher you are going to put your phone next to the mat.  If you are storing your phone in one of the cubbies, please turn the ringer and vibrator off.


We are all going to sweat at Sweat.  It’s why we are here. And we are sure that your sweat smells better than Chanel #5. However, it’s still is your sweat.  If you sweat on your neighbor’s mat, please wipe it up! Please wipe down prior to walking out of the room post class.

mutual respect

If you have an injury, please tell the teacher prior to class.  If you need to take a break during class, it’s your practice, feel free.  If your flow is slower than the rest of the class, do your best to keep up, but at your own comfort level.

If you want to improvise during the entire class, that’s not so cool, please use common sense, it’s a group dynamic.

stay till the end

Sweat’s classes will leave you in a full body sweat, and endorphins pumping.

Our cool down and savasana are an integral sweet part of the experience, please stay through the end of class, and it’s not OK to walk out during savasana.

glass is great, nahhhh

But not so much in the yoga room, please no glass bottles.