Alexa Grillo

Playa Vista

Hi! My name is Alexa (insert Amazon Alexa joke). M...

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Amanda Grace

Little Tokyo

Hello, my name is Amanda Grace and I am so excited t...

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Amanda Mei

Little Tokyo

In 2014, I was introduced to yoga and immediately f...

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Beau Campbell

Playa Vista & Santa Monica

I started yoga as cross training ...

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Brittany White


What’s poppin, SWEAT Fam!! Born and raised in Detroit, MI (G...

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Brooke Marcy

Santa Monica & sweatTV

My passion for teaching began in elementary school classrooms - when I found my happiest self after a sweaty yoga...

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Brooke Partain

West Hollywood

I hold a 200 E-RYT Yoga Instructor certification b...

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Chris Youmans


I am from Santa Cruz, CA, and have been instructing yoga and...

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Christine Comerford

Playa Vista & sweatTV

If I could pinpoint why I love yoga, I’d say that I love the way it makes me feel. So much of what I’ve learned pr...

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D Coconubo

Manhattan Beach

Ciao! My name is Diana (like Rihanna) but with a ...

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Dakota Kahn

Manhattan Beach & Santa Monica

Growing up a dancer, I automat...

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Dana Claire

Santa Monica, Playa Vista & Manhattan Beach

Having grown up i...

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David Williamson

West Hollywood

David has been studying and teaching yoga for 3 ye...

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Diana Biehl

Manhattan Beach

Hi my name is Diana. I found Sweat Yoga while att...

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Dora Fish

Playa Vista

Yoga has been a staple grounding factor in my life. I...

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Emily Africa

West Hollywood

At first, it was a fun way to challenge my physica...

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Emy Downs

Manhattan Beach

Healing for the mind, body, and soul is my intent...

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Grace Lorenzo

Little Tokyo, Playa Vista & sweatTV

In class, I will have you...

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Hallie Mayo

Manhattan Beach

My career in bodybuilding ended with a fractured...

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Harper Botorowicz

Santa Monica, Playa Vista & sweatTV

IWhat to expect from my c...

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Izzy Galler

Santa Monica

Hi! I’m Izzy. For me, there is nothing better than u...

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Jane Mendiaz

Santa Monica, Playa Vista, Little Tokyo & sweatTV

I began p...

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Jenna Roth

Santa Monica

In my dynamic and energized classes, you will pract...

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Jonah Kest

Santa Monica

The closest thing to yoga royalty, 3rd generation yo...

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Kaitie Espeleta

Little Tokyo & sweatTV

I moved to the west coast in November ...

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Kate Fitzgerald

Santa Monica

I’ve lived in LA since August 2017 and Sweat became ...

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Kara Raiano

Playa Vista & Weho

My interest for yoga started in my early t...

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Khylie Heins

Little Tokyo

I'm a lover of all things that radiate - sunshine, n...

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Krista Rotondo

Playa Vista & sweatTV

As a long time dancer, I was drawn to t...

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Lauren Peterson


I discovered yoga in college and have been practicing ever s...

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Layna Dakin

Santa Monica, Playa Vista & sweatTV

Ready to get grounded, hy...

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Lesley Greer

West Hollywood

Hi! My name is Lesley, and I have been practicing...

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Lindsay Hourigan

Santa Monica

My goal as a teacher is to help guide you into a spa...

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Lindsay Fulton


Movement is my medicine. Hi, I’m Lindsay and I grew up train...

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Liz Biscevic

Santa Monica & sweatTV

For me, yoga is a game where the menta...

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Lizzy Cast

more about Lizzie

Madison Arthur


Whats up ya’ll! My name is Madison Arthur. I fell in love wi...

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Megan Eaton

Manhattan Beach

Former NYC nanny, turned west coast yoga teacher ...

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Melanie Keller

Little Tokyo

I can attest to the healing power of yoga, when a ch...

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Monica Remes

Little Tokyo

When I was 10 years old, I took my first yoga class....

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Molly Goldberg


Hey Sweat Fam! Growing up as a dancer, yoga came into my lif...

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Nathan Gottron

West Hollywood

Hi Yogis! My name is Nathan Gottron, originally fr...

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Nick Perdomo

Santa Monica, PlayaVista & sweatTV

Work hard, play hard...Ser...

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Olivia Euritt


I discovered my love for dance at a very young age. My early...

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Olivia Judkins

Little Tokyo & sweatTV

Growing up as a dancer, expressive mov...

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Rachel Cohen


About 5 years ago, I transitioned from a successful law care...

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Rebecca Watson

Santa Monica, Little Tokyo & sweatTV

Greetings sweat fam! My ...

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Robert O'Hare

West Hollywood

Born and raised in San Antonio, TX, I was brought ...

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Ryan Scottie


I'd describe myself as a multimedia artist from Chicago who ...

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Sam Wyman

Playa Vista & sweatTV

Hey, I’m Sam! Movement is so empowering...

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Stephanie DeSantis

Little Tokyo

As a Certified Massage Therapist and yoga addict, I ...

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Sarah Davies

Little Tokyo

Yoga had always been an occasional thing, but at a t...

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Savanah Baird

West Hollywood

Above anything else, yoga has been a major creati...

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Tom Schey


I am the founder of sweat yoga. My deep love of new creat...

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Toni Longoria

Playa Vista & sweatTV

Hi yogi! My name is Toni! I moved to LA...

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Toniann Monaco

Playa Vista & sweatTV

Yoga has changed my life and made me a ...

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Valerie Chang

Santa Monica & Playa Vista

(I like bullet points) • Tradit...

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Vera Wu


Yoga has helped me grow stronger, more flexible and fearless...

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Yancy Schwartz

Santa Monica & sweatTV

Hi, my name is Yancy, I am Dharma trai...

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Zara Gardner

Santa Monica, Little Tokyo & sweatTV

I love, animals, music, ...

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