Sabrina’s Yoga Experience in our Westlake Village Studio

In the last 2 years, our family has experienced immense loss. Loved ones who were grounding, loving and always there for us passed away, some unexpectedly, some after fighting long battles with their health.   With each loss, I tried to rally. I held onto those who were still here in my heart and whenever […]

Lauren’s Experience with Sweat Yoga in Santa Monica

My name is Lauren. I’ve been practicing hot yoga for a little over a year now, but I’ve been coming to Sweat Yoga in Santa Monica for about two months. My story is about a class I took with Danielle in the beginning of July. The back story is that this year has been a bit […]

8 Keys to Take Your Yoga Teaching Beyond Standardized Alignment Cues

Standards are nice—they make it much easier to learn how to guide students into the large number of poses taught in yoga classes, but unfortunately students are not standardized. Bernie Clark Jun 29, 2017 Modern yoga teacher training programs offer many standardized cues for each posture learned. Standards are nice—they make it much easier to […]